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WMG is providing project management and construction consulting services for the Roof & Glazing Rehabilitation project, which includes the renovation of the building enclosure on O’Hare’s Terminal Concourse B & C. The new building enclosure will include a glass ceiling barrel vault skylight, metal panel over-cladding and a flat & low slopped roofing system. The project requires proactive coordination with the terminal’s main tenant, United Airlines, for ground operational sequencing of gate closures throughout the project’s life cycle.


All enabling work and the installation of the new building enclosure will take place during the pre-scheduled gate closures.

As the construction consultant, WMG engaged the client, stakeholders, architects and contractors during preconstruction to identify and mitigate foreseeable risks that could emerge during the critical and time-sensitive construction phase (gate closures). Preconstruction services also included on-site investigation of the existing system and coordinating the most effective building methods and systems for the client.

Construction will be carried out during regular daytime hours giving rise to the challenge of protecting the traveling public from construction hazards. The public on concourse level will be protected from the glass replacement operations by an OSHA compliant fall protection netting system with an additional layer of heavy duty debris protection netting.

The construction phase began in late Fall 2019, and the project is anticipated to be complete Fall 2021. The Roof & Glazing replacement work is coordinated with the concurrent HVAC Upgrade project logistics plan. For the HVAC Upgrade project, project management and construction consulting services are provided by Aviation Group Manager.

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Project Completion

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