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Established in 1971.

Here's to your health. To living an awesome life. And to nourishing it. We want to energize your journey to better living, better health, and a better you. Let's reclaim the vibrance, vitality, and soulfulness of the early 1970s healthy food movement and continue to reimagine and reinterpret it for our lives today. We provide provisions with a purpose -- food, beverages, snacks, and style. We are inspired by earth, honor earth, and act as stewards of earth's precious natural resources. In every neighborhood we serve, we offer the healthy supplies needed to make you feel stronger, more energized, more alive, and more awesome than ever.

As Earthbar has expanded to reach more and more health and wellness seekers, we've expanded our offering to include a complete offering of vitamins and supplements, fresh grab-and-go meals, cold-pressed juices, healthy snacks, and more.

los angeles, ca



Project Completion

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